Probate property. Non-probate property. Wills. Living trusts. Executors. Estate planning… So. Much. Jargon.

This Tools for Giving episode is the one you didn’t know you need. Dave & David dispense with all the ridiculous terms, equip you with what you need to know, and finish with an easy-to-understand guide to supporting your favorite charities through your will or trust. They even tell you how you can get your will done for free—no strings attached. Pull up a chair and join us in the Giving Room so you can take care of the people you love and highlight for them the causes you care about too.

Show Notes: 

Show Notes: 

Download – Sample Statement of Faith Paragraph for Your Will or Trust

Download – Sample Will or Trust Gift Language

You can find a Christian attorney here:

You can get your will in about 15 minutes at — no strings attached and absolutely free.

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